I can help you.


Honing in your Message. Crafting your Story. Creating a synthesis between Image & copy to deliver an Idea, clearly.

Do you know what happens when people can't understand you? They tune out and they leave. Maybe forever.

Whether its online, in print, or in person, when others cannot easily figure out what you're trying to say or share, they become frustrated. When that happens, they stop listening.

And when they stop listening, they are not paying attention to you. What's worse, they generally will not tell you, so you won't know how to adapt.

This is a kiss of death for most communication campaigns and strategies, from website and brand copy to handbills and social media posts. These are messages that generally planned, built and delivered  using limited individual and organizational resources. Often, messages fall short of being heard, fully understood, and relayed.

That's not effective. I'm interested in avoiding this outcome, and I might be able to help you enhance what you have to say.

I'm interested in resonation. In good vibrations and strong relations. Not everyone responds to words or images the same, which is why its important that messages and stories be tailored to match and complement an existing community's values while attracting new people that can fit into the mix.

It's about being thoughtful, and being respectful about how you craft and share your message. The main ways I can assist is through copywriting and image creation and direction.

If you're out to do some good in the world, contact me. I might be able to help you cut through all of the noise.

I offer my services at $85/hour and I'm not interested in wasting any of your time.




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