you can get a solid priming on plant-based nutrition, and learn about some of the biggest health pitfalls of conventional, meat and dairy-based diets. 

Recently, I sat down to watch What The Health, an investigative documentary about the relationships between our existing food system and big business influence on our food choices and healthcare. It unveils the narrative of what the overall outcomes for our individual and collective health have come to be in recent years.

In short: our health is in the toilet. The film does a great job of communicating the state of the union when it comes to North American health and wellness. We're not stuck, though, and the film highlights that individually, we have the power to be captains of our own health.

What I found particularly exciting about the film is the amount of actionable information and nutrition education for the viewer. In less than two hours you can get a solid priming on the advantages of plant-based nutrition, and learn about some of the biggest health pitfalls of conventional, meat and dairy-based diets. 

All of the information in the film syncs up with what I learned from studying plant-based nutrition at The Center For Nutrition Studies. This is partially because many of the doctors featured in the film also led many of the lectures in the course.

If you watch What The Health, you can access some powerful information from the Plant-Based Nutrition Program I completed for the cost of a Netflix subscription. And you will spend a literal fraction of the time it took me to learn some of this information. The film is also engaging from start to finish; it's not a cardboard sandwich.

I recommend this documentary. Add it to your list! Along with a strong cast of accomplished medical experts, it also comes packaged with some compelling scientific data.

Additionally, there are a handful of regular people you meet in What The Health. These are people that are weathering heavy loads of physical pain and suffering, addressing chronic illness and doing so while feeling rudderless and heavily medicated. They serve as powerful stories, and instructive examples of self-led recovery through positive change.

Through the course of the film, you bear witness to how, with a simple shift in diet (and exercise), these people manage to heal their bodies, get off their medication, reign in inflammation, and get their lives and energy back. It’s a common story in the plant-based circle, and it is very, very inspiring. 

What the health is on Netflix. Check it out!