Being healthy doesn't mean you get to live forever. Of course not.

Sickness, taxes, relentless software updates and death are going to bring you down. It's just the way it is.

But it's still worth it to aim high. Good lifestyle choices and sound nutrition extend longevity, increase functional health span, boost your energy, bolster mental health and minimize unnecessary, avoidable sickness.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you've heard this before. And you have. So why care? 

Because a sound diet gives you a biological advantage in modern life. And in the future, it might be necessary to have the deck stacked in your favour as much as possible.

To be clear, vegan or Whole Food Plant-Based Diets (WFPBDs) are not an air-tight guarantee for optimal health in and of themselves. Everyone, vegans included, will get sick and run-down from exhaustion. But the diet will help you minimize the turbulence and upsets of life.

  • Feeling healthy isn’t going to fix your family problems. (but it might help stabilize how you handle them)
  • Feeling healthy isn’t going to fix your addiction issues (but it might help reorient your preferences and values).
  • Feeling healthy isn’t going to fix your self esteem (But it might help give you the energy to exercise more, and that will).

Possibly, the most objective thing that can be said about WFPBDs is that they serve as an onramp to a better, healthier, more energetic version of you. They set you up for a different, arguably better life experience.

Why? Because Whole Food Plant based diets immunize us from unnecessary suffering and sickness in life. They provide us with real health insurance through improved phsyiology. It's a good deal.

A long term commitment to a WFPBD will help you bypass heart disease. It also increases the odds that you bypass obesity, metabolic syndrome, alzheimers, chronic fatigue, and frequent colds by enhancing your physiology and immunity.

It’s a diet that's highly anti-inflammatory. And evidence continues to mount that chronic inflammation in our bodies is what underpins the variety of common diseases I just mentioned. Diet may not be the only factor, but it can be shaped and controlled directly. That's valuable.

It’s also nutritionally dense and fortified. It’s a method of feeding your body with robust, clean, green fuel. It's also seriously delicious food.

WFPBD’s also help you heal faster (again, anti-inflammatory!). If you can recover and heal faster, you can train harder and carry a heavier workload, day by day. And you aren’t necessarily going to look like a string bean just because you stopped eating meat.

You can get set up to really kick some ass. That’s a biological advantage. A slight edge.

Does this matter? Maybe.

The imperative for us to be in optimal health and physically fit is becoming louder by the day.


Because our existing social and corporate safety nets are eroding. Job security and pensions are disappearing, and the advent of increasing contract work is creating a new economy, one where many people are permanently temporary in the work that's available, often without health benefits or other perks. 

Today, job opportunities can dry up and change quickly, and automation is gobbling up a lot of jobs, too. Even middle class occupations like accountants, lawyers, radiologists, and x-ray techs are in the crosshairs.

There are also no guarantees that there will be more immediate work once you finish your current project. Even if you're a linchpin employee, you will not necessarily be spared if company revenues dry up, either.

In down times, employees are a threat bottom-line profits, and company layoffs and downsizing happen all the time. It’s our current occupational “normal”.

So It’s important to be adaptable. And you can steer your ship with better precision and sophistication if you are physically healthy. You can give yourself a professional and biological advantage by having more energy available for use. WFPBD's are solar power for the body. It’s effective. It’s affordable. It’s green. And it’s empowering.

I've said this before, but it's worth noting that a life insurance policy or a good pension plan doesn’t protect you from sickness and chronic disease - it just changes who pays the bills if you develop a disease. It protects your money and your net worth. You will still pay the heaviest price in the end, because you’ll have to manage the disease. Possibly long-term. 

It’s easy to put this aside and ignore, I know - the body can take a lot of abuse and mediocre treatment up until about the age of 45. We can function relatively well with minimal effort and care until we get to this age. 

After 45, this is when things often begin to pile up for people, because health issues have been  setting in for years. And the major problems that develop, like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, can be managed or even sidestepped entirely. And choice nutrition is part of the bedrock of this protection. 

So why not play the long game? Imagine what you’d be capable of if you raised your health and energy levels two-fold. What about 10-fold? That’s the promise, and the advantage of a whole food plant-based diet - a biologically upgraded version of you.




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